Compliance audits are a vital part of every organization's quality control effort and provide a detailed account of unit-level execution of non-negotiable corporate standards. Often a duty carried out by the organization's mid-level field managers, the task can fall victim to other pressing obligations. Sinclair compliance auditing services can provide a trained field force of auditors to keep up with store operating guidelines and observance of marketing and merchandising plans. Our trained auditors visit your stores with a detailed audit plan as part of a focused audit.

Pricing Audits - Sinclair's auditors ensure your stores are using the latest pricing in the register system and throughout your merchandising materials especially after a sale. This is a quick way to find out if your stores are losing money due to missed price changes.

Facility Audits - Sinclair's auditors check for ADA compliance and compliance in all signage requirements, e.g., handicap, restroom, exit, menus, public notices, etc. Sinclair's auditors can also check for cosmetic and maintenance issues regarding paint, ceiling tiles, lights, drink fountains, security cameras, and cleanliness of locations, to name a few. You have put a lot of time and money into your in-store marketing initiatives; ensure your initiatives are executed according to plan by using Sinclair's auditors.

Product Audits - Nothing can damage a company's image and reputation faster than having expired products in the store. Using Sinclair's auditors will help ensure products are stocked and not expired.

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Consider the Benefits:
  • Identifies compliance with marketing and merchandising initiatives
  • Ensures freshness of products, including review of expiration dates
  • Ensures products are priced accurately and consistently
  • Verifies shelf stock facing and plan-o-gram compliance
  • Determines if promotional programs are executed properly
  • Verifies availability of circulars and other advertising materials
  • Verifies compliance with tobacco and alcohol merchandising requirements