DiMetric® Scoring Adds New Depth to Mystery Shopping

Many businesses use a mystery shopping program because they want to provide excellent service. Yet, the typical questionnaire with objective YES / NO questions provides compliance measurement - showing whether a requirement has been met but it does NOT provide excellence measurement - how well a requirement was performed.

DiMetric® Scoring methodology delivers the additional information organizations need to take their service to the next level. DiMetric® Scoring returns up to six times more information to illustrate the difference between a store performing at a minimum standard and one that is better, excellent, or outstanding.

DiMetric® Scoring does not replace the objective measure with one that is interpreted as subjective, but instead adds a quality indicator to the objective measure that will help your organization become a better service provider. Additionally, managers still receive the objective, compliance based results they are accustomed to receiving.

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DiMetric® Scoring Provides Two Categories of Measurement:

Compliance Measurement -
     Whether a requirement has been met

Excellence Measurement -
     How well a requirement was performed