Studies show that satisfied, motivated employees are the foundation for happy customers. Satisfied employees will positively influence operational performance, create higher customer satisfaction, and can improve financial results. Furthermore, making employee management decisions based on employee survey results can significantly reduce turnover, which results in annual savings that can outweigh the cost of measurement.

A properly designed and executed employee satisfaction survey will arm your organization with information about job satisfaction and employee loyalty. Sinclair provides cost-effective and efficient employee satisfaction surveys that can identify what motivates your employees, what drives their loyalty, and what genuinely makes them happy. Sinclair typically provides employee satisfaction surveys administered through the web on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis, and can provide Interactive Voice Response (IVR) surveys for companies with employees without internet access. Our analysts will provide you with detailed reports so your organization can make informed decisions.

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Consider the Benefits:
  • Learn how your work force reacts to your organization's policies
  • Identify management and leadership issues
  • Identify training opportunities
  • Identify factors affecting employee morale and loyalty
  • Identify opportunities for motivating employees
  • Identify opportunities for improving employee retention