Customized Employee Training Platform

Unlike the workforce training and development programs that are ubiquitous in many industries, NetReports® e-Coach™ provides a means to deliver targeted and timely remedial employee training exactly where it is needed.


NR eCoach™ is tied to Sinclair's NetReports® online reporting site. NR e-Coach™ utilizes mystery shop, customer satisfaction reports, and email to deliver alerts to managers and specific store employees.

The moment an individual location falls below standards an alert is triggered. Employees are directed to training modules that may be augmented with photos and video. Verification, status reports and tracking are provided to management for follow-up.

NetReports® e-Coach™ is Based on the Fundimentals of Process Improvement

We understand that the measurement of customer service and satisfaction is only the first step. We help our clients get to the root cause of low customer service scores by providing a call to action accompanied with the tools needed to accelerate improvement execution.